A common skin concern to affect 8 out of 10 teens and adults, acne occurs when skin follicles and pores are blocked due to excess sebum production. There are a total of 6 types of acne can be identified and separated into two groups, non-inflammatory and inflammatory.

Mild Stage
- Whiteheads
- Blackheads

Commonly found on most skin types, whiteheads and blackheads usually appear as small bumps on the skin surface. At this stage, they are considered as non-inflammatory as they usually do not cause swelling or pain.

Moderate Stage
- Papules
- Pustules

Appearing in the form of small red bumps, papules tend to be solid, tender, pinkish or reddish and swollen. Pustules are the immediate product of the former, taking form when the lesions are infected and contain whitish or yellowish pus in the centre. Pus found in pustules acne are usually filled with bacteria.

Severe Stage
- Nodules
- Cysts

When clogged, swollen pustules grows larger and form nodules. These large and painful lumps are impossible to treat without professional help.

The most severe type of acne, cysts are very large and painful pus-filled lumps. Prescription medication such as antibiotic and medicated treatments are necessary to clear bacteria and reduce acne recurrence.

Do you experience these issues?

✅ Suffer from regular acne growth that cannot be cured with over-the-counter products & medications
✅ Self-conscious about your complexion and skin condition all the time
✅ Sore pimples and/or acne with scarring for prolonged periods of time


H-II S.O.S MediFacial
H-II Luxury Facial Experience

At H-II Clinic, we use a specially-formulated medicated solution paired with specific facial techniques to extract non-inflammatory acne 'seeds' to prevent further acne growth. Designed to stop breakouts and reduce acne occurrence by removing existing acne, blackheads and whiteheads, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and cleared of clogged pores by the end of the treatment session.

H-II Luminous Light Laser
H-II Crystal Light Laser
H-II Flawless Light Laser

H-II Clinic offers a range of signature laser treatments that can reduce sebum production, decrease acne breakout and minimise pore size, leaving the skin in optimal health that glows naturally.

Regular laser treatments also aid to boost up collagen production through collagen remodelling, hence effectively fades the appearance of scars and rejuvenates the skin from deep within. Delivering visible results with high efficacy, our signature laser procedures can be done with little to no downtime and is virtually pain-free.

DOWNTIME: Minimal to 3 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●○○○○ (minimal to no)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes