Eyebags & Dark Eye Circles

Eyebags & Dark Eye Circles

A common feature that usually develops around the middle age, eyebags can be defined by the appearance of puffy, wrinkled and saggy skin under the eyes. As you age, the skin loses its natural elasticity and fat padding, resulting in an increased tissue mass in the lower eye area. To date, eyebag removal surgery has been proven to be the most effective procedure to remove excess fat, correct loose skin and reduce wrinkles, compared to other non-surgical options.

Do you experience these issues?

✅ Saggy, baggy or excess skin with increasing wrinkles in the lower eye area
✅ Always having a constant tired and dull facial expression due to heavy eyebags
✅ An increasing prominence of dark eye circles below the eyes


H-II Signature Eyebag Removal

Also known as the lower eyelid surgery, this procedure works by removing excess skin and fat underneath the eye, and subsequently stitching the skin together to give the undereye area a tighter and younger-looking appearance.

How it works:

There is no fixed technique for this procedure as all individuals vary in facial structure and surgery requirements. Prior to the procedure, a marking is done near the eyelid margin where the surgeon will then create a small incision to remove excess fat and skin. Depending on the individual’s requirements and expectations, the surgeon may also recommend fat grafting or fat injection to hollow areas under the eyes to give you a fuller and more radiant appearance.

The end result smoothens out the undereye area, creating a more youthful and rejuvenated look in one single procedure.

Scarless Eyebag Surgery

Unfortunately, certain individuals may have a predisposition towards eye bags and dark circles due to genetic factors passed on from the family. This group of young patients may have formed eyebags from an early age, even with a healthy lifestyle.

H-II Clinic does offer an alternative option of surgery “without scar”, called Transconjunctival blepharoplasty. As the surgery is performed from inside of the eye, the scar will not be visible. Consult our surgeon today to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.