Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, plucking and painful waxing? Say goodbye to tedious processes with the latest cutting-edge technology in hair removal — diode laser. By matching particular wavelengths of light and pulse duration to a designated area, diode laser delivers high frequency and low fluence pulses to permanently remove hair from its follicles.

Suitable and safe to be used on all skin types and colours, diode laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body without damaging the skin as it selectively targets the hair only.


Before starting, protective eye shields will be placed over the eyes to prevent injury to your corneas or retinas. The hair around the treatment area will be trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface to ease the removal process. Our professional beautician will apply a special cooling gel to the skin’s surface to protect the outer layers of the skin and facilitate laser light penetration at the same time.

The diode laser beam is then systematically directed spot-by-spot to the areas to be treated, disabling the active-growth hair follicles with each treatment. Once the procedure is completed, an anti-inflammatory lotion will be applied on the treatment area to soothe redness and diminish any discomfort. For optimal results, multiple sessions will be required to prevent further hair growth.

DOWNTIME: Minimal to No (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●○○○○ (minimal to no)

TREATMENT TIME: 15 - 30 minutes