Hymenoplasty, or the reconstruction of the hymen, is a simple procedure to repair a torn hymen or to build a hymen that is not present. A thin layer of tissue that encloses the vaginal area, the hymen lining can sometimes break easily from vigorous activities such as horseback riding, gymnastics or even tampon insertion.

Some women may also opt to undergo this procedure due to various religious and cultural reasons that traditionally considers an intact hymen as a mark of virginity. However, it is important to understand that hymenoplasty will not restore virginity, but rather it allows women to tear and bleed during the first intercourse after surgery.


Placed under local sedation, hymenoplasty usually takes less than an hour. There are two common options available for this procedure. For torn hymen, our surgeon will proceed to stitch back together the remaining pieces; whereas for women without any hymen remnants, our surgeon will create a new hymen lining that mimics a natural hymen by extracting a small portion of the vaginal tissue.