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Intimate Whitening

Discolouration, darkening and pigmentation can occur on intimate areas such as the vagina, penis and nipples, affecting one’s self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom. It may be a result of hormonal imbalance, constant friction between skin and even regular shaving/waxing habits to an extent.

As such, many may end up resorting to whitening and bleaching products to brighten their intimate areas, but be wary — some products on the market can contain strong chemical ingredients designed to strip the skin’s outer layer and may be unsuitable due to the sensitive nature of your private regions.


H-II Luminous Light Laser

H-II Clinic offers a specific range of signature laser treatment that penetrates the cells with concentrated beams of light in an effort to create a brighter and more toned appearance.

Regular laser treatments also aid to break down melanin in the skin, hence effectively fading away pigmentation and rejuvenating the skin cells from deep within. Designed to effectively reduce dark spots and discolouration, patients are usually recommended to undergo 3 laser treatment sessions to achieve a youthful, pinkish effect on their intimate areas.

Delivering visible results with high efficacy, our signature laser procedures can be done with little to no downtime and is virtually pain-free.

DOWNTIME: Minimal to No (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●○○○○ (Minimal to no)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes


Since this procedure is non-invasive, there is very minimal to no downtime from regular activities.