Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth and age can change the vagina’s natural structure, causing laxity in vaginal tissues. In turn, it may result in a change of both vaginal appearance and function, a reduction of sexual pleasure and even causing urine incontinence in some cases. Especially so for women who are in their 40s and have experienced multiple childbirth, vaginal rejuvenation can tighten the muscles, eliminate dryness, and restore elasticity to the vaginal cavity.

Do you experience these issues?

✅ A lack of tightness or reduced friction during sex
✅ Have a feeling that your vagina is overly stretched with a loose sensation after childbirth
✅ Lack of self-esteem and confidence due to the natural biological changes of your vagina


Autologous Stemcell Plus (PRP)

A natural method to rejuvenate the vagina, the Autologous Stem Cell Plus (also known as Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment uses the body’s own serum to promote collagen synthesis, subsequently rejuvenating the skin for increased cell healing and regeneration.

The platelet-rich plasma is extracted and injected into the specific areas in need of rejuvenation such as the upper wall of the vagina and base clitoris, resulting in greater collagen and elastin production for sexual enhancement, improved vaginal hydration and relief from urinary stress incontinence.

DOWNTIME: 5-7 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●●○○○ (numbing cream will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 1-1.5 hours

Dermal Fillers

For women who want to focus rejuvenation efforts on the external appearance instead, this procedure may be a better option. Upon injecting the dermal filler, the gel naturally integrates with water in the skin, resulting in a plumping effect to provide natural volume. With the ability to produce instant natural-looking results in a very short period of time, dermal fillers are said to plump up the outer area of the vagina for a fuller and more voluminous look.

DOWNTIME: Minimal to 3 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●●○○○ (numbing cream will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes


A surgical procedure to form a tighter vagina, vaginoplasty can help restore back one’s confidence and renew intimacy in the bedroom. The procedure involves removing some stretched tissue and tightening the underlying muscles to form a tighter, stronger functioning (smaller opening) vagina with a younger, healthier look.