A condition where the skin appears darker compared to other areas, pigmentation is caused by excess melanin in our body. In most cases, the contrast in skin tone is caused by an abnormal increase in melanin production, causing blotchy skin with visible patches that range from brown to blue-black at certain parts of the body.


Often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”, melasma is commonly developed during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation can appear on any area of the body, but most commonly on the cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin and above the upper lip.


Commonly appearing at birth, birthmarks can occur anywhere on the face or body. Usually non-cancerous in nature, they may vary in colour, size, appearance and shape in the form of a spot, patch or lump.


Freckles are small tan or light-brown spots that appear when melanin builds up over time under the skin.

Found most commonly around the cheeks, freckles are a result of genetics as well as constant sun exposure, although some people are more likely to develop freckles compared to others.


Referring to small dark areas on your skin, sunspots usually vary in size and appear most prominently on the areas that are often exposed to the sun such as the face, hands, shoulders and arms.

Sunspots are also known as age spots as the chances of formation are higher for adults older than 50 years old.


  • H-II Luminous Facial Treatment
  • H-II Luxury Experience Series
  • H-II Ageless Placenta Facial

At H-II Clinic, we use a specially-formulated treatment solution paired with proven facial techniques to visibly lighten the skin while stimulating collagen production for healthy cell regeneration. Designed to effectively reduce pigmentation and discolouration, unveil a smoother and more radiant skin by the end of this pampering treatment session.

  • H-II Luminous Light Laser
  • H-II Crystal Light Laser

H-II Clinic offers a range of signature laser treatments that can reduce pigmentation spots and discolouration, leaving the skin with a healthy-looking glow.

Regular laser treatments also aid to boost up collagen production through collagen remodeling, hence effectively fading the appearance of scars and rejuvenating the skin from deep within. Delivering visible results with high efficacy, our signature laser procedures can be done with little to no downtime and is virtually pain-free.

DOWNTIME: Minimal to 3 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●○○○○ (minimal to no)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes

  • H-II Autologous Stem Cell Plus (PRP)

A natural way to treat pigmentation, the Autologous Stem Cell Plus (also known as Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment uses the body’s own serum to promote collagen synthesis, subsequently rejuvenating the skin for increased cell healing and regeneration.

The platelet-rich plasma is extracted and injected into the specific areas in need of rejuvenation, and at the same time brightening the skin for a more youthful appearance with a natural glow.

DOWNTIME: 5-7 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●●○○○ (numbing cream will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 1-1.5 hours (including complimentary soothing facial)