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Saggy & Sunken Eyes

The result of aging, dehydration and inadequate sleep, certain individuals may find themselves prone to the formation of dark, sunken or hollow skin underneath the eyes. More commonly known as saggy and sunken eyes, this condition forms gradually and becomes more prominent over the years.


  • Dermal fillers

Upon injecting the filler, the gel naturally integrates with water in the skin, resulting in a plumping effect to provide natural volume. The results are instantaneous — an enhanced, fuller appearance of the undereye as the saggy and sunken areas are filled in, and that effect also includes a noticeable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. In general, dermal filler injections could last between 6 - 18months.

DOWNTIME: Minimal to 3 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●●○○○ (numbing cream will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 30 - 45 minutes

  • Facial Fat Transfer

Besides restoring ample fullness and creating a rejuvenation effect, this technique can provide various anti-aging benefits due to the fat cells’ ability to stimulate collagen growth.

A minimally invasive procedure, our surgeon will first extract fat from common body areas such as the hips, thighs or stomach. The cells will then be put through a centrifuge where it will be processed into microdroplets, and subsequently injected into the specific treatment area to create an instant appearance of youthful plumpness.

DOWNTIME: 5 - 7 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●●○○○ (topical anesthesia will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 1.5 - 2 hours

  • Thread Lifting

A gentle procedure without the use of scalpels or incisions, this method involves placing special threads under the fatty tissue of the skin to create definition and add instant volume. In just a single treatment, you can experience a rejuvenated appearance and natural tightening effect that continues to improve for the next few months.

DOWNTIME: 2-3 Days (subject to individual)

PAIN: ●●○○○ (numbing cream will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 20 minutes - 1 hour (depending on number of threads)


Healing takes maximum 7 days for these procedures. Bruising, swelling, and pain are all normal following any plastic surgery procedure. This is completely common and should not be of concern as our surgeon will prescribe patients with pain medications to ease the discomfort. Taking a week break from work is enough for recovery since swelling will subside by then.