Double Eyelid

In the simplest terms, monolids are eyes that do not have any creases or lines along the upper eyelid. Also known as single eyelids, a large percentage of the Asian population are born with this feature.

Certain individuals with this unique trait may find themselves appear tired all the time and experience difficulties in applying eye makeup due to a narrow lash line. If you're looking to have a more attractive and radiant set of eyes, you may consider our popular procedures to create gorgeous, natural-looking double eyelids.

Do you experience these issues?

✅ Experience a tired and dull facial expression due to narrow-looking eyes
✅ Occasionally apply double eyelid tapes to temporarily create an eyelid fold
✅ Draw a thicker eyeliner line to create the appearance of bigger eyes


H-II Signature Double Eyelid Suture

With H-II Clinic’s innovative procedure, you can now customise your desired eyelids that is non-permanent and non-invasive — without undergoing surgery!

A series of three to six small punctures is made in the skin for sutures that are passed to the connective tissue and muscle below. The sutures are well-hidden underneath the skin and left permanently. Recovery is quicker since there are no incisions, and you can reverse the procedure if you don’t like the results. This relatively brief and simple procedure takes about 30 minutes for both eyes.

  • A non-surgical and non-invasive method (no scars)
  • Effects lasting up to 5 years or more
  • A more affordable option that is reversible
  • Suitable for those with natural born monolids or uneven/hidden eyelids

H-II Signature Double Eyelid Incision

A popular option among customers, the signature double eyelid incisional procedure works by creating a natural and defined crease in the eyelid that appears when the eyes are open.

A small incision is made parallel to the lash line, just above the desired crease. Excess fat and tissue will be removed to reduce puffiness of the upper eyelid, and the skin is stitched back together to create the crease. With better definition and higher satisfaction rate, this is the most reliable and effective procedure for permanent and natural-looking double eyelids.

  • A non-surgical and non-invasive method (no scars)
  • Permanent results with minimal maintenance
  • A one-time off procedure
  • Suitable for eyelids with excess fats or puffiness that require more definition or eyelids with droopy and saggy skin