Popular Treatments | Luminous Light Laser

At H-II Clinic, we offer a range of signature laser treatments suitable for all skin types to treat the condition, maintain skin health and eventually prevent further recurrence.

Regular laser treatments also aid to boost up collagen production through collagen remodelling, hence effectively fades the appearance of wrinkles/scars/pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin from deep within. Delivering visible results with high efficacy, our signature laser procedures can be done with little to no downtime and is virtually pain-free.

Luminous Light Laser

Primarily targeting chromophore in melanin, the Luminous Light Laser is used extensively to treat pigmentation, pigmented skin lesion such as freckles and sunspots as well as for tattoo removal.

Besides that, Luminous Light Laser can also be used for Soft Peeling, which is the process of removing dead skin cells, makeup residue, clogged pores, oil sebum and blackheads. Say hello to a smoother and healthier skin complexion with Luminous Light Laser!

✅ Smoothen rough and uneven skin surface
✅ Treats and prevents acne breakouts
✅ Reduces pigmentation and pigmented lesions
✅ Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
✅ Deep skin rejuvenation
✅ Tattoo removal

DOWNTIME: Minimal to No

PAIN: ●○○○○ (Minimal to no)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes

Crystal Light Laser

Crystal Light Laser is the latest cutting-edge laser treatment that uniquely produces two wavelengths, powered by our copper bromide-based technology to penetrate deeply without creating collateral damage. The yellow light targets vascular problems, acne, rosacea, melasma and skin rejuvenation while the green light can treat pigmentation and bulky lesions.

Tested and proven by numerous clinical trials, the new generation of Crystal Light Laser offers arguably the widest range of treatments for a single laser without any bruising or crusting.

✅ Reduces vascular and pigmented lesions
✅ Kills acne bacteria and controls sebum production
✅ Treats a wide range of pigment problems (melasma, sun spots, age spots, etc)
✅ Skin rejuvenation and brightening


PAIN: ○○○○○ (None)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes

Flawless Light Laser

A revolutionary laser treatment, Flawless Light Laser uses micro beams to precisely target and deliver exact energy onto the deep fraction dermal layers of the skin. Also popularly known as Fractional CO2 Laser or skin resurfacing laser, it effectively improves depressed or sunken scars by stimulating natural collagen production resulting in tissue growth and gradual improvement of scars.

✅ Smoothen rough and uneven skin surface
✅ Improves depressed and sunken scars
✅ Treats and prevents acne breakouts
✅ Minimises pores
✅ Reduces pigmentation and pigmented lesions
✅ Refine the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines
✅ Improves depressed and sunken scars
✅ Oil seed and wart removal

DOWNTIME: 3 - 7 Days

PAIN: ●○○○○ (Numbing cream will be applied)

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes