Popular Treatments | Luxury Experience Facial

As an aesthetic clinic, H-II Clinic’s selection of facial treatments are specially designed with luxurious skincare formulations and advanced equipment to rejuvenate skin health. Suitable for all skin types, our signature facial treatments can be customised to cater to an individual’s skin concern for optimal treatment result efficacy. By the end of the facial session, your skin will be luxuriously pampered with amazing therapeutic effects for a glowing complexion.

Luxury Facial Experience

A specialised facial treatment for acne-prone and problematic skin, this unique multi-step treatment effectively targets skin concerns for an overall improvement of the complexion. Using advanced skincare formulations combined with precise massage techniques, the end result is a luxurious facial experience that repairs and renews dull skin for a smooth and radiant appearance.

✅ Deep cleansing to remove dead skin cells and impurities
✅ Reduces acne and hyperpigmentation for radiant skin
✅ Tones and balances the skin for oil control


  1. Deep pore cleansing & skin exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities
  2. Softening the skin for extraction
  3. Extraction and removal of blackheads and whiteheads
  4. Vitamin C renewal treatment to brighten the skin and minimise pores
  5. Luxury pumpkin peel treatment to kill acne bacteria, control oil secretion and reduce hyperpigmentation
  6. Skin rejuvenation facial massage
  7. Oxy Hydro mist therapy to soothe and detoxify the skin
  8. Serum infusion with cryo-electro face massager
  9. Cooling facial mask application

To find out which H-II Medicated Facials works best for your skin, please consult our doctors at any of our outlets.